Large Format Wollaston Lenses. 120 to 285 mm

Basic Lens (flange type),

5 Aperture Cards, Lens caps, Screws, & Cleaning Cloth.


Basic Lens Mounted on a

96x99mm Hardboard

Technika style Lensboard

$114 complete

Very Large Format Lenses. 120 to 1000 mm

Basic Lens (flange type),

5 Aperture Cards, Lens caps, Screws, & Cleaning Cloth.

Basic Lens Mounted on a

139mm Birch Plywood

Sinar style Lensboard

Beginning at$79 extra


Mounting Any LF or VLF Lens

Onto Your Lensboard

Beginning at $59

Ultra Large Format 790mm f:5.4 Lens

Basic Lens, Rear lens cover, Screws, Documents.

Aperture cards, (f:6.7, 8, 9.5, 13.5, & f:16)

1 Extra blank card & Cleaning cloth.


Accessory Kit: Front lens cap, (specify knob color).

Aperture cards: (f: 22, 32, and 1 extra blank card).

Expandable file folio for storage


Custom Lensboards, or Mounting the 790mm ULF lens onto Your Lensboard

LF (Large Format) lenses have 72mm filter threads.

VLF (Very Large Format) lenses have 82mm filter threads

Please add shipping.

  1. Most lenses can ship USPS Flat Rate        Priority mail ($15) .

Not all lenses are in stock for immediate delivery. Typical lead times for a non-stock lens is 1~1.5 weeks.

Custom lensboards and lens mounting is also available.

Please e-mail or phone to discuss any special projects.

Click here to order by e-mail

Most lensboards are painted Satin Black on the front face and flat black on the inner plateau.

  1. This lens does not have front filter threads.

  2. Drop-in gel filters are available.

  3. Slip-on Graduated Neutral Density filter holders are also available.

  4. Can be configured for use in a “Camera Obscura” (flange at front of barrel).

  5. Custom lensboards and lens mounting options are possible.

  6. Please e-mail or phone to discuss your special project.

  7. Typical lead times are 2~3 weeks.

  8. Please add shipping.


There is nothing new here, it has all been invented long ago...

Je ne cherche pas. Je trouve.   I do not seek. I find, ...Pablo Picasso

3” Diameter Cokin Style Front

    Mounted Packard Shutters

    • #5 (Manual timing mode)

    • #6 (Instant & ”Bulb” modes)

3-1/2” Diameter Collar Front

    Mounted Packard Shutters

    • #5 (Manual timing mode)

    • #6 (Instant & “Bulb” modes)

• I do not stock new Packard Shutters. I may have reconditioned shutters at reasonable prices, depending on availability.

The Cokin Style Mount fits any lens equipped with a standard P series Cokin adapter flange (supplied when ordered with a Wollaston lens)

The Collar Style Mount is specifically machined to fit the larger 88mm Ø barrel for 250mm to 1000mm Wollaston lenses.

Packard #6 are dual-mode shutters, with “Instant” and “Bulb” (long exposure) capability.

Custom collars machined to adapt your brass or process lenses to either the Cokin Style Mount or the Collar Style Mount are available. The collars are usually thumb-screw type, with a non-marking traction belt that securely grips any lens that does not have front filter threads.

The #6 Pin Kit may need altering if your shutter is an older unit.

  DIY... Front Shutter Panel only (no shutter)

    – Cokin style mount for #3 Packard Shutter

    – Collar style mount for 3-1/2” Packard

    – #6 Pin Components Kit  are extra

    – Custom configurations are available

e-mail or call

for a quote

e-mail or call

for a quote

e-mail or call

for a quote

Please note: New Packard shutters now have extended lead times and require a deposit equal to the currently published prices on the Packard website...   However, If you have a working shutter, I can incorporate it into a front mount system of your choice (Cokin or collar style).

Darkroom Aids

Dodging Wands. 8-piece set

Special Format Negative Carriers

  Multi–35 Negative Carriers

    Cropping Guides (DIY)

  Proofing Easels (enlarged 35mm)

1/3 8x10 paper or 1/3 11x14 paper






Free Download

Dodging Wand sets are very popular. I have a low shipping cost carton for the European and Far East customers

The Multi 35 carrier arrangement can be designed into custom carriers for other enlargers, but I’ll need a sample of your carrier for design purposes.

6x12 and 6x15 Special Format carriers are designed for 4x5 Beseler M or Omega D series enlargers. Request a quotation for other sizes/enlargers.

All negative carriers require at least 10 mm (13/32”) clearance under the lamphouse.

Custom negative carriers are not refundable.

Proofing easels can be made to your dimensions (ask for a quote).


  Optional aperture card package for LF and VLF lenses.

• A full set of 10 cards plus a compact plasticized data chart    i in a handy, easily accessible, compact folding wallet.

For LF lenses, add: $15

For VLF lenses, add: $19

Lensboard mounting variables such as dimensions, material, and profile must be specified in order to quote a price.

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