With every lens: A positive meniscus glass lens in a flanged PVC barrel. A metal filter ring is bonded into the front rim. Five aperture cards, mounting screws, a lens cleaning cloth and documentation.

Large format (4x5, 5x7, etc).  (120mm, to 335mm) These lenses have 73mm diameter barrels with 92mm diameter flanges. The filter thread size is 72mm

With large image circles, these lenses are ideal for 4x5 and 5x7 formats, but some of these lenses will cover up to 8x10 and are perfect for pictorial landscape, soft focus portraiture and close-up tabletop photography.

Very Large format (11x14, 16x20, etc).  (120mm, 250mm, 335mm, 500mm, & 1000mm) These lenses have 88mm diameter barrels and 110mm diameter flanges. The filter thread size is 82mm

These lenses have larger covereage, 11x24 and 16x20 is their “sweet  spot”, some will even cover 20x24. They are suitable for soft focus pictorial an alternative processes (wet plate, etc.) photography.

•  Optic: 153 mm diameter x 790 mm focal length custom ground optical glass lens, meniscus type.


Bellows draw @infinity focus: 790 mm (31")

Image circle at Infinity: about 1425 mm (56")

Image circle at 3m (10’): >1830 mm (72”)

Weight: 690g, (25 oz.)

The Basic Lens Package includes six aperture cards in one-half stop increments: (f:6.7, 8, 9.5, 11, 13.5, & f:16), a blank aperture card to act as a dark slide or front lens cover, a  rear lens cover, six mounting screws and a lens cleaning cloth. Also included are copious technical data and tips on using Wollaston Meniscus lenses.

Lens Cap Accessories Package                                  Includes the slip-on front lens cap,

f:22 & f:32 aperture cards, an extra blank card, a handy expanding file folder, and an awl for drilling the mounting screw holes. Specify your choice of a black, white, or plain wood knob.

With the introduction of Harman/Ilford Direct Positive Paper, photographers are now able to make extremely large one-of-a-kind portraits without the need to enlarge a negative. Huge mobile cameras are being incorporated into a vehicle (van or trailer) and direct photography on a scale unimagined suddenly became possible. The plea was also for affordability since current prices for “big glass” is beyond the aspiring ULF and Historic Process photographer.

This lens was born out of repeated requests for a lens with an image circle large enough to cover 24x30” and larger wet plate/collodion photography. Many of the historic photographic processes use extremely low sensitivity materials, so a lens with a large aperture is very desirable.

A front-mounted Packard pneumatic shutter is an optional accessory using the simple and reliable Cokin mounting system. Choose from either the #5 shutter (“bulb” time only), or the #6  (dual mode type: ’instantaneous” or “bulb” timing).

Bullet-proof, rugged, and almost timeless, many RB67s are battle-hardened veterans. These rugged and durable medium format cameras are very popular. Choose from either a 120mm f:2.1.RB or a 135mm f:2.3.RB Wollaston Meniscus lens. They are a direct fit on a standard RB67. and do not “click” or “lock” into place. Three machined  flange “lugs” and three adjustable nylon “tension” screws provide easy-on/easy-off, secure lens mounting.

There is nothing new here, it has all been invented long ago...

Je ne cherche pas. Je trouve.   I do not seek. I find, ...Pablo Picasso


Optional folio package: The lens, caps, screws & cloth, plus the complete set of 10 cards for more precise diffusion control, and a compact data sheet in a easy to use wallet.

Photos taken with the 120mm lens on my RB67 are here...Gallery.htmlGallery.htmlshapeimage_9_link_0
Lens DataData.html