A variety of simple things to simplify things in the darkroom...
?...Looking for a way to enlarge those dinky 35mm proofs so you can make a better estimate of which ones to print? Here’s a negative carrier for 4x5 enlargers that makes it simple.
?...Looking for some dodging wands that are nicer than a bent coat hanger? Here are some in various sizes and shapes for small or large prints. Even a magnetic wall hanger strip is included.
?...Looking for some cropping guides that are more accurate then a couple of “L” shaped papers? These are proportioned to let you accurately crop to various paper sizes and print ratios.
?...Still unwrapping that box of paper each time you make a print? Here are some paper safes that open and close one-handed. Patterned after those I have been using for more that 25 years.
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